3 Hour 1-on-1 Advisor Session - Virtual Meeting

3 Hour 1-on-1 Advisor Session - Virtual Meeting

  • $900.00

Our advisors walk you through it...

We assess, train, advise, and assist you through online personal training. All course materials, instructional materials, and media required for training are provided by 5 Paragraph. 

As a participant, you should expect;

  • Engaging one-on-one advisor support
  • Learn methods for conducting reconnaissance and market research
  • Create a competitive analysis and attack strategy
  • Practically apply that which you've learned to complete your 5 Paragraph Business Plan & presentation
  • Use 5P Advisor as a sounding board to offer constructive criticism

We empower you through individual advising, so you get the most out of 5 Paragraph Business Plan.

5 Paragraph is a simple intuitive method for leading teams to mission success. GET STARTED RIGHT NOW 

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Hourly rate applies / 3 Hour Minimum