Creating Your Executive Summary - Ecourse

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Business leaders working to develop innovative ideas from inside large organizations, this e-course period of instruction provides you with the valuable tools and insights you need for becoming a successful intrapreneur.

5 Paragraph Business Plan empowers you with a simple method for analyzing key variables and constructing a plan, the same way we construct plans in the military. 5 Paragraph Business Plan is based on the U.S. Military's 240+ year planning method.

We are military professionals who've taken our experience from service and combined it with our entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to create a system for learning business leadership based on our military methods of instruction. Each advisor is a certified instructor with military and business experience.

We employ formal school instructor methods using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning techniques to reach a wide variety of students.

During this 45-60 minute period of instruction

- You will learn how to create an enticing executive summary that others will want to read.
- You will develop a mission statement by drawing upon the inspiration of your organization's values and the characteristics of your compatriots.
- You will learn how to map out the problem/opportunity at a glance.
- You will learn how to analyze the seasonal effects on your organization/idea to create a well timed opportunity.
- You will learn a simple method for developing a well timed execution plan that fits your organization's capabilities and limitations.
- You will have the confidence needed to create an executive summary that encourages the reader or audience member to want to continue further through your plan.

This is the first step toward getting the "green light" on your next innovation.

Let's get started!