1 Hour Advisor Session

1 Hour Advisor Session

  • $297.00

Want to complete your plan right way?

Our advisors walk you through our book "5 Paragraph Business Plan" and provide valuable insights to help you complete your plan and presentation.

We assess, train, advise, and assist you through personal advisor support. 

As a participant, you should expect;

  • Engaging one-on-one advisor support
  • Learn methods for conducting reconnaissance and market research
  • Create a competitive analysis and attack strategy
  • Practically apply that which you've learned to complete your 5 Paragraph Business Plan & presentation
  • Use 5P Advisor as a sounding board to offer constructive criticism

We empower you through individual advising, so you get the most out of 5 Paragraph Business Plan.

5 Paragraph is a simple intuitive method for leading teams to mission success. GET STARTED RIGHT NOW 

Hourly rate applies / 1 Hour Minimum