Expansion Through Franchising /  Licensing Opportunities

Expansion Through Franchising / Licensing Opportunities

  • $15,000.00

We work with you to build a vision for expanding your organization through franchising or licensing options Each new owner pays for 5P services with the cost of their unit buy in. Effectively, we are part of your licensing/franchising agreement with the new owners opening locations under your brand. 


A team of 4 advisors working with you at your location.

We work with you and your executive leadership to assess, train, advise, and assist your organization in the 5 Paragraph Business management method for conducting daily operations at the executive level.

  • Advisor(s) embedded in your location
  • Face-to-face training with executive leadership and directors
    • Managing teams with 5 Paragraph
    • Empowering leadership through accountability
    • Delegating authority while maintaining responsibility
    • Auditory, visual, kinesthetic learning
    • Practical application of 5 Paragraph Business Plan
    • Guided discussion on how to conduct operation using 5 Paragraph
  • Train-the-trainer education
    • How to lead using the 5 Paragraph Business Plan
  • Learn the essentials for planning and executing high value missions
  • Develop simple processes for debriefing teams and analyzing valuable information
  • Compile after action reviews in order to develop and grow your business