We remove the FEAR of business planning.

Business leaders managing knowledge workers have difficulty measuring the effectiveness of their workforce without a method for delegating authority while maintaining accountability.  The military solved this problem.

5 Paragraph Business Plan was built using the military operations order as a foundation, combining it with "The Nuts and Bolts of Great Business Plans" in order to create an easy to understand tool for managing work and people.

We enable leaders at every level to conduct everyday business planning. 

Our intention is to empower others with a simple to use tool for planning daily business operations at the lowest levels of an organization. 

Plan, act, debrief, review and improve with the 5 Paragraph Business Plan.

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Let's be honest...

You work smarter when you have a clear understanding of your organization's overall mission and your leadership's intentions for pursuing objectives. You take initiative and strive for success when you're able to own your part of the mission, knowing who is in support of your efforts. 

Through debrief and after action review you're able to measure your work's effectiveness on your organization's greater overall mission. 

Our advisors are military veterans who have achieved success as business leaders.

We have all led fighting forces into harm's way. Each one of us are leaders with a wide ranging set of skills and knowledge for fellow business leaders to benefit from.

Get started by listening through our tutorials. Download the template and follow along. When you're ready to get serious, buy the book....

"The 5 Paragraph Business Plan: The Action-Oriented Business Management Tool For Leaders" 

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