Empowering Intrapreneurial Leaders Workshop


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5 Paragraph Advisors provide on-sight instruction. 

All course materials, instructional materials, and media required for training are provided by 5 Paragraph. 

Each participant will complete a 5 Paragraph Business Plan.

Each plan may be independent or associated with the executive vision created by your organizational leadership. 

You will learn how to;

  • Master the 5 Paragraph management method as a general practitioner
  • Develop a 5 Paragraph Business Plan
  • Present your idea to an audience in 5 Paragraph format

We empower you through action focused training and mentorship in order to assist you in creating your own 5 Paragraph Business Plan. 

Package includes a full day of instruction for 10+ participants + Practical Application & Guided Discussion.

We employ auditory, visual, kinesthetic learning techniques to convey instruction to a wide variety of students. Each advisor is a certified formal school instructor.

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Click here to learn more about 5 Paragraph training.

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