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5 Paragraph Business Plan fits perfectly with franchise / license opportunities.


For some reason franchises, and or, licensing opportunities have been given a bad name. Some business schools even claim franchisees are not actual entrepreneurs, stating that each franchise location can be ran using the exact same business tools that are used throughout corporate America.  And, that anyone with business knowledge and working experience should be able to run their own franchise. This is outrageous. To put it into a simple analogy; this is like saying, "all doctors that study internal medicine, and work long enough in the field, should also be qualified gynecologists.....ehmmmm?'

Franchising is a specialty.

Business knowledge and working experience are a huge plus in the franchising world, so is startup and product development experience. They are, essentially, at opposite ends of the business spectrum. Entrepreneurs in startup mode are agile, boasting their ability to pivot toward favorable market conditions. Whereas corporate business leaders are overseeing the execution of their large-scale plans, while managing the numbers to ensure shareholders are satisfied. Senior executives in even the most flexible corporations know that they are only flexible at the lowest levels. 

Franchising is a marriage of the corporate and startup worlds and it requires intrapreneurs to pick up the guidon in their own territory.  

HOCOA: Home Repair Network offers an outstanding opportunity for individuals interested in owning a local territory. Each HOCOA territory is ran as a separate unit with each unit working together to support one another. 

5 Paragraph Business Plan is part of HOCOA's "business-in-a-box".

When you sign with HOCOA, and start up your own unit, you are also gaining access to our team of 5 Paragraph Advisors. Our Advisors work with you to build your business plan and assist you with starting up operations. 

5 Paragraph and HOCOA: Home Repair Network have partnered to offer new unit owners with a complete business plan and 5 Paragraph support. 

Each HOCOA unit has unique market challenges. We've worked with HOCOA to build a strategic approach for targeting areas of need. We use a suite of tools to research and pinpoint target customers and align HOCOA unit owners with contractors in their area of operation. 

HOCOA provides an opportunity for those seeking to operate their own business with a network of support greater than themselves. It's entrepreneurship, I mean intrapreneurship, at it's finest. 

Go to HOCOA.5paragraph.com to learn more about HOCOA: Home Repair Network / 5 Paragraph Business Plan


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